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Deposits On Your Faucets? August 24, 2007

Posted by hipster in Lavatory Faucets, Repair, Shower Systems.

Calcium deposits, white flakes on your beautiful finish; what can you do? Well the answer is fairly simple.  Vinegar.  The vinegar is acidic enough to eat through the white film but not your finish. You are going to need:

·        Water

PH Scale·        Vinegar

·        A soft bristled toothbrush.


You need a mild acid to get rid of the calcium deposits.  Soap would be a good choice, because it has a low pH of 6.  The problem is soap actually chemically reacts to the minerals in the water and is the cause of that film. Vinegar’s pH is usually between 2 and 3.5.  Water has a pH of 7 and the lower the pH the more acidic the product is.


Now you aren’t going to scrub straight vinegar onto your faucets.  You’re actually going to dilute it down to about a cap full for a cup of water.  If you want to do a really thorough job, use filtered water. Also, don’t forget to test the mixture on a concealed part of the faucet, and its better your mixture be too weak than too strong.


This trick can be used to clean your shower heads.  The scum and calcium build up is the number one killer of shower heads, so a regular soak isn’t a bad idea.  There are lots of little problems some vinegar water can solve.



1. Annie - April 19, 2010

Hei, thanks for the tip! This is actually really useful for me. I’ve been looking for the way to get rid of those marks. Thanks!

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