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Resources for Repairing Faucets August 25, 2008

Posted by FaucetMaster in Repair.
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The faucet leaks, has an annoying squeal, you broke the refill bottle on the soap dispenser – How can I answer all of these questions best?  Best way to start is listing out the top manufacturers or other resources I know available online for repair.  Think of it as a directory listing for where to look next to get your answer. If I miss something on here – leave a comment and I’ll try to answer and/or update this post.

Manufacturer Resources
Those that brought the faucet out of the ethers (or at least brass & finish vapours) and manufacturered it, know best about what makes it tick..  Or pour.  Ticking faucets are bad.

They usually have a staff of tech support agents to help you find: A. What model you have and B. What part you need to fix that model.  Those are the two big steps in fixing any faucet.

** Tip!  If you have or find out the model number of your faucet, store or download & print your instruction manual and parts explosion and keep it in a ziplock bag under your faucet sink.  Should you need it again, you need not go through much trouble.  And if you sell your house, the buyers will think you are awesome :).

Delta Faucet Co.
Delta faucets are one of the most popularly used.  Good for expense, but they range in a selection of durability.  They are also well known for using the “seats and springs” (part number RP2993) technology.  They’ve always had great tech and warranty support.  I recommend the website and phone support.
Website: www.deltafaucet.com
Phone: 1-800-345-3358
Email: customerservice@deltafauct.com
Purchase parts directly?  – No
Alternate Online Parts Website: deltaparts.faucetdirect.com


Moen Inc.
Moen has a wide variety of faucets, not to mention matching accessories (called CSI – no, not the show!).  Moen also is known for having only three main shower valve types: Positemp (no volume control), Moentrol (w/ volume control), and ExacTemp (thermostatic – temp only, needs seperate volume control).
Website: www.moen.com
Phone: 1-800-289-6636 (BUY-MOEN)
Email: Unknown – http://www.moen.com/contact.cfm?location=TopNavCustomerSupport
Purchase parts directly?  – Yes: http://www.moen.com/buymoen/buyparts/index.cfm
Alternate Online Parts Website: http://moenparts.faucetdirect.com

Price Pfister
Part of the Black and Decker family, along with Baldwin Hardware (door locks), Kwikset, Dewalt, etc.  Decent selection of faucets, but a touch more economical (IMHO).  Also, often used as builder models in past.  I have these in their triple-handle shower variety in a 1960’s house.
Website: www.pricepfister.com
Phone: 1-800-732-9238 (PFAUCET)
Email: Unknown – (really long link that wouldn’t fit)
Purchase parts directly?  – No
Alternate Online Parts Website: http://pricepfisterparts.faucetdirect.com

Oh-la-la!  Nothing says ‘shiek’ (or expensive) like Kohler.  They have a huuuuuuge selection of everything from faucets to fixtures (tubs, toilets, sinks) to furniture, accessories – even generators!  If you want the entire bathroom to be in one matching line by a single manufacturer, you’ll probably go Kohler.
Website: us.kohler.com
Phone: 1-800-456-4537 (4KOHLER)
Email: Unknown – http://www.us.kohler.com/general/contact.jsp
Purchase parts directly?  – Yes: http://www.kohlerserviceparts.kohler.com/
Alternate Online Parts Website: http://kohlerparts.faucetdirect.com

Well, these are the big 4, but there are tons of others.  Comment if you need someone else, and I’ll hunt them down and add them to the post for future browsers.